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Antiques & Fine Art

Terms & Conditions

1. Coverage

The present general terms and conditions contain the general terms and conditions exclusively valid between you and us, Sovelle j.d.o.o., Trg dr. F. Tudmana 27 A, 22211 Vodice, Croatia, unless these terms and conditions are changed through written agreements between the parties .

2. Product choice

(1) You have the opportunity to choose and order articles on our website.

(2) You can click the desired article on our website. The clicked articles are collected in a virtual basket and you obtain a list of all articles including the total price at the end of your purchase.

(3) Before the delivery of the order, we offer you the possibility to review your order on its accurate content, especially on price and quantity, and to correct it, if necessary.

3. Data protection

Our data protection information is valid as regards the data protection.

4. Conclusion of the contract

The presentation of our goods is a non-binding offer of our part. Only the order of an article by you is a binding offer. In case of an acceptance of this offer, we send you a confirmation of the order via email.

5. Validity and observance of the legal requirements

(1) We point out that ordered and delivered contemporary and military-historical articles, especially those from National Socialism, are delivered only for purposes concerning the civic information, the defense of unconstitutional and anticonstitutional activities, the scientific and art historical research, the information and reporting on the events of current affairs or the military-historical and uniform research and that this complies with the valid law.

(2) With his order the purchaser binds himself legally to purchase these objects for historical-scientific purposes for the reasons mentioned in paragraph 1 only and not to use them in any propagandistic way or in any other criminal or anticonstitutional way. Orders are accepted under these conditions only.

(3) Cutting, stabbing and thrust weapons are only deliverd to persons who have attained the age of 18.

6. Conditions of payment

Unsufficient data about payment options

7. Terms of delivery

The delivery is carried out in order of the inflow of orders. Accruing shipping charges are indicated in the catalog as well as during the order procedure. They are indicated separately on the invoice. We point out that an export shipment can entail higher shipping charges, duties and fees or something similar.